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Fixed Wing Unmanned Aircrafts

Our aircraft can create orthomosaics, digital terrain models, and 3D models as well as conduct NVDI imaging if the aircraft is equipped with a suitable camera.

Please note the quality around the edges is low in some cases because the area was outside the target survey area, images here were only captured during navigation - not actual coverage. This can be cropped out of your data. 

Processed with DroneDeploy

Field & School 

  Small Ranch:

Home Construction Site:

Endurance Mission

This was flown by a SurveyMaster in a single flight, but with only a 40% sidelap so some areas are not adequately covered. The purpose of this flight was a mock Search & Rescue flight, not survey use, and the aircraft covered 1700 acres. Still, most areas were adequately captured. Due to processing limitations, the results are split into two sections: 

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