X-Star Premium Drone


  • 4K (Ultra HD), 12-MP camera on a quick-release 3-axis gimbal
  • HD Live View (720p streaming up to 1.2 miles away) and autonomous flight modes including follow, orbit, and waypoints via the free Starlink app for iOS or Android (mobile device sold separately)
  • Dual GPS/GLONASS outdoor navigation, SecureFly magnetic interference protection, and the Starpoint Positioning System for precise flying where GPS signals are unavailable
  • Easy to use remote controller with LCD screen for flight information and one-touch buttons for starting the motors, takeoff/landing, hover, and returning to home
  • Included accessories: Premium hard case, 64-GB MicroSD card, intelligent battery for up to 25 minutes of flying time per charge, a 1.5-hour fast charger, spare propellers and small parts
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  • X-Star Premium Drone

    The X-Star Premium drone is Space City Drones favorite sUAV for professionals.  Autel has just opened up the SDK and are taking submissions here: meaning that before long, you will be able to fly your X-Star Premium through apps like Pix4D, or DroneDeply in order to to mapping, surveying and much more.

    Autel has also announced that during 2017, they are releasing a new 20 megapixel camera, and a thernal camera option - FLIR DUO

    For more information on the announcements from Autel check out our blog here.

    Autel Robotics have a dedicated mission to inspire creativity with a genuine passion for aerial drone technology. The Autel X-Star Premium is their latest creation with brilliant features that is available with an even more attractive price tag. Adorably called as the Flying Pumpkin, it is considered to be one of the top performers in its category with its wide range of image capturing arsenal. With many years in engineering excellence, Autel Robotics have managed to integrate a host of premium features with the X-Star Premium. The drone itself features a bold color combination of orange and black. The simple yet elegant design is compact and agile, while the build quality is tough enough to take on the most demanding flight conditions. The 4K camera does a fantastic job in capturing aerial footage with ease.

    BUILD AND DESIGN of the X-Star Premium:

    The X-Star Premium features a simple design with curvy edges that aid in a streamlined airflow. The landing gear is seamlessly integrated within the main frame that helps to maintain a high level of stability. While landing in uneven grounds, the tall profile of the landing gear safeguards the camera and the gimbal system. Built to withstand rough landings, the landing gear in the X-Star Premium drone is a delight for most users. The center part of the drone has the crucial components safely housed within. Four arms protrude to the sides from this frame, where the propellers are present with its powerful electric motors. The entire construction of the drone features a smooth and curvaceous design that enables an effective airflow around the aircraft at all times. High quality polished plastic is used in the overall construction which keeps the weight to a minimum and also adds agility in flight. Furthermore, the drone itself is bathed in a dual blend of vibrant orange and black colors. This unique color combination can help you maintain a constant visual contact of the drone at all times, which is a strict requirement as per the FAA.


    X-Star Premium offers the best camera in this price range. The 108° field of view lens gives an unprecedented view of the world below and helps to capture a wide angle of view. Recording 4K UHD video has never been so affordable and easier. Still photographs with 12 Megapixels of gorgeous details can also be captured with the same camera. The multi-layer stacked glasses cuts down unwanted reflections and helps to record pristine images of the world below with vibrant colors that are true to nature. 4K video is recorded at 30fps, while 2.7K video can be captured at 60fps. The widely used Full HD video can be captured at a staggering 120fps while HD videos can be recorded at 240fps. Given the various ways in which the X-Star Premium can capture aerial footage, the user is sure to remain quite content with its image capturing prowess. The entire gimbal mounted camera system can be dismounted from the main body, if required for future upgrades of the Autel camera systems.


    The ergonomically designed remote controller is easy to use and provides a tight grip and precise joysticks. Dedicated buttons are present to instantly capture the moments rather than scrolling into different menus or switches. The flight assist modes can also be activated with just a few clicks of the dedicated buttons. The remote controller also has a set of sturdy clamps that allows you to house in a smart device to enjoy the camera’s live HD view. Crucial flight information is also displayed to make decisive actions whenever required.


    The X-Star Premium is no slouch when it comes to flight performance. It comes packed with state of the art positioning systems that can guide the aircraft at all times, even without the presence of a GPS signal. The Starpoint positioning system measures the aircraft’s altitude at all times and tracks the position optically. This feature enables the X-Star to fly even at low altitudes accurately without the presence of a GPS signal. With this feature, you can easily use the aircraft indoors without the worry of crashing. GLONASS navigation is coupled along with a dual GPS system aids in a stable flight in any flight environment. Smart flight modes such as Follow, Orbit and Waypoints allow you to concentrate on getting the perfect shot while the aircraft flies on its own using the programmed flight coordinates. If you are new to flying aerial drones, then you can enable the beginner mode which creates a geo-fence to limit the scope of flight. This helps to eliminate the possibility of the flight going astray without control and makes sure to stay within the zone at all times.
    The overall flight time is around 25 minutes per battery charge, but depending on the operational conditions, it might vary from 20 to 20 minutes of flight time. The flight time is enough to propel the aircraft around and get the job done. But if the situation requires for more flight times, then a second battery can always be a good purchase.


    The Starlink app has been designed to work on smart devices to give an unprecedented control over the X-Star Premium drone. A live HD view from the primary camera on the drone is relayed back to the smart device for remote piloting with ease. This also enables you to frame your shot from above to capture what is exactly required and eliminate post processing times. Vital statistics about the drone is displayed on the side so as to keep a check on the performance of the drone at all times. The flight control of the aircraft can also be configured to suit your individual preferences. Pre-Flight checks are mandatory for a safe flight every time and the X-Star Premium drone does it with ease with just a few clicks of the button.


    To top it all up, the X-Star Premium drone comes to you in a tough case that is exclusively designed to be used with this drone. The inside of the case is fabricated with dedicated cutouts to house in all the components of the drone. This helps to keep the components operational and safe for a long time by reducing the risk of any damage while transportation. The exterior of this case is tough enough to withstand the harsh environments that it might subjected to in its lifetime. It looks the part as well as performs the part of safeguarding the X-Star Premium.


    In case you might require it, customer support is available to you 7 days a week from Autel Robotics USA. A highly skilled team helps you with any doubts that you might have with the X-Star, from getting started to the final flight.


    Autel Robotics USA have managed to create a stunning performer, while retaining an affordable price tag. With innovative features that is most often found only on high-end drones, the X-Star Premium manages to captures the heart of most drone pilots with its unique package that is just too tempting to resist. It is not a drone without its flaws, but in this price tag the X-Star Premium offers more than what it is designed for. The tough carry case is a pleasure to stroll around with. Light in weight but effective in protection, it can easily accommodate the drone and all its components within for easy transportation. If you are planning to buy a consistent performer of a drone with all the necessary features, then the X-Star Premium is the ultimate choice for you.

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