DJI Spark (Mini Drone)

  • 16 minute flight time
  • 1.2 mile transmission distance
  • 31 MPH max flight speed
  • 2-Axis Gimbal
  • 12 MP Camera

Individual Spark orders do not include a remote controller. Please purchase a remote controller separately, or control Spark using a mobile device and gesture controls.

Alpine White
Lava Red
Meadow Green
Sky Blue
Sunrise Yellow

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Some say that good things come in small packages and this is certainly true with DJI’s new mini drone Spark. DJI has always innovated the drone world with their technological marvels and the Spark features a host of unique features that makes it a versatile drone for everyone to enjoy. When everyone thought a drone could not get smaller, DJI have outdone themselves by creating the Spark which is no bigger than a smartphone. The Spark sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and takes off and hovers by recognizing you. Simple hand gestures to take photographs are unique to the Spark mini drone and is a new trend to the drone world. Maneuvering the Spark is easy with the Advanced Flight control system, while the recording aerial imagery can easily be edited with the DJI Go application and shares to social media sites immediately. The controller features a compact fit for your smartphone on which the video transmission is relayed back in HD quality. The joysticks allow for precise flight movements while there are minimal buttons with dedicated functions. It is also competitively priced and is all set to revolutionize the world of smart drones.

 DJI Spark mini droneDJI Spark easy to fly

DJI Spark Create videos

DJI Spark using Intelligent Flight Modes

DJI Spark Tapfly


Active Track on the DJI Spark

Gesture control for the DJI Spark

DJI Spark High Performance Camera

Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization

Powerful Lens DJI Spark

Powerful 1/2.3" Sensors

DJI Spark with Multiple Shooting Modes

DJI Spark Flight Preformance

Powerful Propulsion

DJI Spark with HD wiFi Video Transmission

16 Minute battery life for the DJI Spark

FPV Aerial Flight Immerson

DJI Spark with  Flight Safety

DJI Spark

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Intelligent Flight Battery


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