EAGLE (XF) Extended Flight Drone


  • Auto take-off and landing capability
  • Efficient mission planning with full autonomous feature
  • Return to Home 
  • Able to safely land or return home in case of system failure
  • Various flight modes
  • Adaptable with laptop, smart tablet or phone for effective mission planning
  • Real-time telemetry data via streaming
  • Easily transportable with quick setup and packing
  • Extremely durable frame and landing gear made with carbon fiber
  • Can be operated with common 6 cell batteries
  • Compact design
  • Compliant with most gimbal systems
  • Extended flight times of up to 45 minutes
  • Maximum payload of up to 7 pounds
  • Adaptable to a diverse payload specifications
  • Approved drone by FAA
  • Protect your investment with Early Adopter Program
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

  • EAGLE (XF) Extended Flight Drone

    EAGLE (XF) Extended Flight Drone

    Commercial Drone Eagle XF

    The Eagle XF is a fascinating commercial drone which is built exclusively for commercial use. Boasting a flight time of up to 60 minutes and capable of carrying a max payload of 8 pounds, it is one of the toughest drones available in the drone market. This quad-rotor powered UAV is a Ready-to-fly (RTF) platform which features a complete carbon fiber construction of varying densities. This gives the Eagle XF its unique ability of being lightweight for longer flight times, yet robust enough to carry its considerable payload. It is proudly manufactured and built in the USA by UAV-America. It can be used for inspection on infrastructure, surveillance, aerial mapping, surveying, agricultural precision, cinematography, aerial photography and various commercial applications.

    Everything about the Eagle XF screams the presence of carbon fiber. Built with molded carbon fiber, the Eagle XF features an exceptional build quality. The easy-to-fix arms and propellers are also molded with carbon fiber which makes it strong, durable and lightweight in operation. Quick-release pins make the job of fixing the arms much easier. The avionics shelf is shielded from the elements with a protective cover. The fully enclosed battery compartment is protected with a separate cover that holds it in place and protects it from dust and moisture. The standard landing gear is fixed while an optional retractable gear can also be purchased separately, if required. Powered by quad – rotors, the Eagle XF takes flight using powerful and efficient motors that delivers a stunning performance at all times. The Pixhawk flight controller has nothing fancy about it and is built to provide reliable pilot control at all times. The dual joysticks enable for precise movement of the Eagle XF in the skies. The built in aerial ensures a stable connection at all times. The flick switches are colored for easy access and provides a mechanical click when used, much to the delight of the user.

    Other notable features include a fully autonomous flight planning system. The HD video downlink can stream HD video directly from the attached camera to a smart device. Various flight controls such as return to home, loiter and follow me are sure to entice you with a wonderful piloting experience.


    Please note that this is a very customizable UAV.  Before purchasing it, call us so that we can go over the payload and pricing options that will meet your mission needs. (855) 355-2558 - Jason

    EAGLE XF 3:

    Includes a gimbal system capable of carrying a payload of up to 3 pounds. High Definition video streaming along with a 10 inch monitor. A separate controller for the payload. Standard landing gear with fixed legs.

    EAGLE XF 6:

    Agile gimbal system capable of carrying a payload of up to 6 pounds. High Definition video streaming facility along with a 10 inch HD monitor. Separate controller for the payload. Extended landing legs which are fixed (optional retractable landing gear).


    A state of the art optical and Thermal sensor system which includes a Professional Flir Vue thermal camera. A Sony zoom camera with models ranging from A7Rii to AX100 camcorder systems along with remote control. A stable 3-axis gimbal system for a blur-free recording system. HD/SD video downlink capability along with dual monitors. A fixed yet extended landing gear system.

    RTK Package

    We offer the V-Map complete RTK system, or various board level systems.  Please call for more information.


    We work with LidarUSA to specify the system that best meets customer requirements then integrate that system into the Eagle platform.


    • Molded carbon fiber frame which is fully assembled
    • Futaba 14SG radio and receiver (RTF only)
    • Pixhawk Flight Controller (customizable)
    • Dual 22,000mAh 6 cell batteries (RTF only)
    • Dual battery charger and power supply units
    • Fixed landing gear with quick-disconnect feature
    • Complete electronic systems ( motors, ESCs, power distribution)
    • Smoked canopy
    • Foldable carbon fiber propellers (27.5”)
    • Instruction manual (printed) along with log book
    • 30 days manufacturer component and complete aircraft warranty (RTF only)
    • Telephone support for 30 days (RTF only)
    • e-mail support for 6 months (RTF only)
    • Optional extended or retractable landing gear system
    • Efficient payload packages (Optional)
    • Annual maintenance package (Optional) along with extended warranty


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