Mars Mini Phantom 3 Mount

No matter what aerial tasks are accomplished with your Phantom 3, be sure to equip it with a system that is built to save the day. Combined with the Mars Mini V2 parachute, this system will pay for itself five times over, especially on the first deployment. 


• Designed specifically for the Phantom 3 Drones

• Elegant factory look with all hardware included

• Compact, light weight and easy to install

• High strength carbon fiber construction

• Downward ballistic trajectory for dynamic prop clearance

• 15-degree cant for landing gear clearance

• Mayday ready for true autonomous parachute deployment

• Designed for the tried and true Mars Mini V2

• (1) Year manufacture warranty


DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced and Standard


(1) Mars mini Phantom 3 mounting system

(1) Hardware package


(1) Mars mini v2 ballistic parachute system

(1) Separate controller and receiver to trigger the deployment



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