Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics USA have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of aerial drones. Striving on a dedicated mission to inspire creativity, their passion for technology is undeniable. With many years of experience in aerial engineering, Autel Robotics have made aerial exploration vibrant and technologically supreme with their X-Star drone series.  Consumer-friendly products have been in the forefront of all their amazing products with affordability being a prime feature. Engineers at Autel Robotics have managed to transform innovative aerial technology into simple solutions that can easily be integrated into aerial devices for photography as well as videography. Read on to find some of the many reasons why you should opt for an Autel Robotics aerial drone.

Lovingly referred to as “the flying pumpkin” the vibrant orange and the brilliant white drones refuse to leave your line of sight even in the most demanding weather conditions. Autel Robotic drones feature an easily removable gimbal system that requires just the push of a button to slide it off the main platform. This unique feature allows the user to easily upgrade their drones to newer camera technologies as and when they are made available, instead of replacing the entire drone. Professional drone pilots have often exceeded the advertised maximum control range of 1.2 miles in practice since the broadcasting link is made possible with a 900 MHz frequency band (via the controller) unlike the familiar 2.4 GHz WiFi band that is found on most drones. This results in a much clearer picture without any interference from other WiFi signals in and around the flight zone. The absence of an LCD display unit on the main controller allows the user to add their own display units of various types and sizes. Smart flight modes allow the pilot to focus more on getting the required aerial footage, instead of spending more time behind the flight controls.

The rigid yet lightweight carry case for the drones by Autel Robotics are splash-resistant and available in a zippered form. It is sure to make your flight trips much easier. The 108 degree FOV cameras used on Autel Robotics drones are capable of capturing 4K aerial footage that is gorgeous on every aspect. Autel Robotics have their exclusive YouTube channel wherein you can find a host of how-to videos for aspiring drone pilots.

Customer Support is crucial for any drone user and Autel Robotics have committed themselves in providing the best customer service, 7 days a week. Customers have the option to utilize this service either through phone, email or live chat options. Little things can make a big difference and Autel Robotics delivers on all ends.


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