December 06, 2017

Earlier this year, a video that showed anglers catching longtail tuna with an aerial drone caught the attention of everyone. Aerial drones have already established themselves as robust workhorses in many fields of work and it did not take long for someone to use its potential in the fishing industry as well. With its remarkable prowess in aerial imagery, they are perfect for fish scouting and scrutinizing topography. Anglers are now able to track the precise movement of their potential baits from above.

 Fishing with aerial drones

Using an aerial drone for fishing is far more effective, since it lets you cast your line way further than you might otherwise be able to do so. The live-view from the drone’s camera lets you drop the bait exactly where the fishes are. This results in a quick catch than hunting for the right spot to fish on. The only limitation is the battery life of most drones. Many drones max out around 20 minutes while carrying the bait and tackling the strong winds around. So it is a quintessential tip to plan ahead and pilot the drone effectively to make use of the limited time available.

Just like any other use of aerial drones, registration is required for fishing with an aerial drone in certain parts of the country. The no-fly zones are another thing to take into consideration, such as National parks, National seashores and vital areas that are under the control of the National Park Service. It is wise to check with the local and federal laws before you launch your drone to catch the right bait for the day.

Features to look out for fishing with an aerial drone:

• Battery life
• Camera
• Distance of travel

Best Aerial drones for fishing:

• DJI Phantom 4 Professional
• Yuneec Typhoon H Professional

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