October 14, 2016

Tips for Buying Your First Drone

Success depends upon making the right choice in our lives. If you are new to the world of drones, then you might have a tough time in buying the right drone that is catered to suit your needs. With all the different kinds and model of drones that are available these days, it is not an easy call even for the well informed. Recently, there has been a technological outburst of some of the most brilliant drones available for consumers.  There are drones available in every size, shape, configuration and price you want to choose from. They also differ from each other with their unique set of features and flight capabilities.  Getting to buy the right drone for you is a challenge that you will face, with the emerging trend of advanced drones that are getting better day by day. But don’t worry, we are here to help you on this.

Listed below are few practical steps that are sure to help you before settling in to buy your first drone.


DroneThis comes in as the primary reason for your drone. Determine the actual reason why you want to buy a drone. It can either be for educational, commercial, productive or merely for entertainment purposes. This would help you to sort out the best drones that are catered to suit your needs exactly. There are drones with top of the line 4K cameras that are capable of superb aerial imagery. These drones will come in handy for the professional photographers and videographers. They may lack longer flight times and acrobatic skills but it is capable of getting the primary job done with excellent image and video quality. There is also the availability of lightweight drones that may lack in their imagery skills but can perform jaw dropping aerial maneuvers with ease. Highly reliable and robust drones that are fabricated with exotic materials such as carbon fiber are also available to carry considerable amount of payloads to the required destinations. So make the right choice that lets you enjoy owning a drone that eventually solves your purpose of owning one.


Flying Skills for a droneTechnological advancements in drones have excelled in every aspect. What was once available as an expensive option are now integrated into the main package with no extra charges. Various sensors aid in the stability of the flight and can help the user achieve a better flight experience with their drones. However, flying a drone requires precise inputs and total control at all times for a safe flight. This also gets the job done much quicker than concentrating on the flight controls, while that perfect shot of that beautiful sunrise over the coastline fades away. So if you are confident enough to learn the art of piloting a drone effectively, then it is highly advisable to buy a starter drone that can help you practice your flying skills and eventually make your way into powerful, faster, dedicated and expensive drones.


You might be that essential trend setter who likes to own the coolest of gadgets in your arsenal. It may not provide the essential functions that most drones provide, but they look way cool and colorful.  They are fun to pilot it around just to enjoy the sheer sense of controlling a drone in the skies above. Specific drones are available that boast a futuristic design while keeping the price and features to a bare minimum. So if it is looks you are after, then choose the most attractive one.


Be sure of the flying environment for your drone. If it is for commercial purposes that might require the drone’s operation in challenging environments, then buy the models that come with a carbon fiber construction. A robust build quality helps to repel dust, water and debris from seeping in and helps to prolong the longevity of your drone. But if the drone is designated to provide you the thrill of flying in safe flying conditions, then you can choose the ones that are built to tackle such conditions with ease.

X Star Premium Drone in Flight


If racing is in your blood and all you want to do is racing, then choose the drones that are purpose driven and designed exclusively for racing. Their motors perform better with high spinning rotors that can propel it through the clouds at blistering speeds. They are capable of making sharp turns and can help you win that drone racing championship that you always wanted. These drones are sculpted and manufactured with state of the art materials that make it lightweight and robust in their build quality. High performance racing drones will set you back quite a lot, so be sure to make that decisive decision to own one.


Well this is sure to be the most important of all reasons. Affordability plays a vital role in anyone planning to own their first drone. Whether you are a professional or a student who is planning to buy your first drone, the selling price of the chosen drone will make you think quite a lot before purchasing one. There are various models to choose from, so scan through the various options with pricing and features that will help you buy the right drone.


There is nothing wrong with too much information and you can always dedicate a few minutes in learning more about the drone that you are about to invest on. The internet has made things more interesting for the consumer and tough for the manufacturers to compete with one another. There are quite a bunch of talented individuals who dedicate their lives in providing us written or video reviews on various drones that are being launched in the world. While the manufacturer’s website can give you all the specifications on their drone models, it is the detailed reviews that will provide you performance reviews in the real world. So set aside a few minutes to research and read/view some of the reviews about the drone that you have chosen to buy. This can either help you confirm on the purchase the drone of your choice or help you change your mind with another attractive alternate.


Choosing the right seller is another task that you have to make a wise decision on. Competitive pricing is a never ending battle between various sellers, so choose the right one carefully. Not every seller can help you with flying your first drone. However, exemplary online drone sellers like www.spacecitydrones.com have their motto set to “We’ll help you fly… How many companies can say that?” So if you are planning to buy your first drone, you know exactly where to buy your first drone that is going to be treasure for the rest of your life.


Availability of spares is another crucial aspect that you have to consider before buying a particular model or make of drone. Not everyone is a professional drone pilot and mishaps are most likely to occur with your first experience in piloting a drone. Manufacturers have made sure that most spares are available to the consumer at all times. Not all drones have this option, so be judicious with your purchase.


If you are that tech-savvy geek who loves to have the latest upgrades, then make sure to choose the particular models that allow for equipment upgrades. These unique drones enable the option of essential upgrades like camera and user gear without having to change the entire drone.


Most of us are not born with a silver spoon and the right kind of finance can ease things up quite a lot. Drones are manufactured in state of the art facilities after a lot of research and development that eventually leads to challenging price tags. If you need that helping hand in the form of finance, then make sure you pick the right seller who gives you easy options with drone financing. Competitive pricing and easy financing is available at reputed online drone sellers such as www.spacecitydrones.com. You might want to give a call and check with them for further details on the same. 


With rapid evolution comes newer forms of technology that may not be familiar with a first time user. Customer support is being offered by most manufacturers, wherein professionals can give you essential details on the operation your drone and its various functions. If you are a quick learner and can adapt easily to the provided instruction manual, then you need not worry. But if you are keen on learning more about your first drone and its various functions, then make sure to choose a buyer who has the option of US based customer support at all times.


Last but not the least, you are purchasing your first drone that is going to either help you with your profession or just entertain you and your loving family and friends. If you like a particular model and if it fits to suit your requirements, then just go for it. Sometimes it might end up in you buying an expensive drone, but you are going to love every minute when you pilot your favorite than settling in for a cheaper alternative that everyone suggested.

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