November 23, 2016


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Aerial drones have continued to captivate our senses and fueled our imagination for a long time. It is quite common to see a beautiful drone soaring through the skies, but it is definitely a unique sight to behold when it soars through the water in all its glory. The Splash drone has been designed to be a fully waterproof aerial drone which also includes a payload release system. The Splash drone features a simple design, yet very effective in terms of waterproofing the essential components within.


The Splash drone features a hard injected molded ABS body construction which gives it that durable edge over tackling some of the worst operational conditions. Meticulous construction ensures a complete waterproofing system that enables the splash drone to land and float on water. The gimbal system has been given the much required upgrade of being waterproof as well. Durability levels are higher with the new design and even under the constant pressure of water, it performs with grace and finesse. The carbon fiber propellers feature a self-tightening mechanism that helps it remain intact in operation. The electronic speed controllers are seamlessly integrated within the main frame and provide the best performance of its powerful motors in the most demanding of situations. There is a transparent yet waterproof cover that reveals the distribution board and its internal components such as the smart auto-pilot and GPS systems, like an expensive car flaunting its high performance internal component.. Rainy days are more than welcome with the Splash drone which can be used to capture some of the best aerial footage in wet conditions.


The Splash drone features a valuable payload release mechanism which lets you attach any payload of up to 2lbs and then release it wherever required. This is sure to come in handy considering the fact that this is a waterproof aerial drone that can be used in a variety of operating conditions.


The powerful batteries used by the splash drone gives it an operational flight time of up to 12 to 19 minutes. The quad propellers are capable of operating in maximum thrust even under a constant presence of water splashes. The triple return to launch functions that come in quite handy to provide a safe flight at all times. If the drone runs out of battery or if you fly your drone beyond the operational range and if you press the RTL button present in the remote controller unit, the Splash drone flies back home safely to the same place where it started from. It eliminates the need of worrying and gives a sense of relief while piloting the drone and capturing awesome aerial footage.


The most important part of any aerial drone is its gimbal system. Without the right use of a dedicated gimbal system, aerial imagery would never be the same. Thanks to the waterproof gimbal system, the Splash drone provides unprecedented levels of professional aerial imaging prowess at all times. This unique gimbal system lets you record video footage even if the camera system is completely submerged in the water, which is unique to the Splash drone unlike any other available in the market today. Various camera systems such as GoPro 3, GoPro4 or the Zero camera can be mounted onto this gimbal system for recording gorgeous aerial footage as well as recording videos under the water, if required. Get ready to control the skies as well as stunning footage in the water as well.


The remote controller which is used to control the Splash drone is a thing of beauty. The control sticks provide the precise levels of controlling abilities while the included 7 inch monitor easily fits onto the remote controller and provides a vivid display of images straight from the attached camera. The connection is established using a 5.8 GHz frequency. The build quality is top notch with a strong click to the buttons. The jog dial has a firm click to it and provides an easy access to the various functions of the drone at all times. Featuring a dual blend of colors, it is a thing of beauty to look at even while it is not being operated.


Safety is the number one priority when it comes to aerial drones. With several laws that are strictly controlling the use of these drones, it is an added benefit if the drones are smart enough to avoid damages or accidents. The Splash drone features a smart flight system that lets it safely get back home in case of low battery power. The health of the drone is monitored via the remote to ensure safe flight planning at all times. The mobile application lets you control the drone easily with a variety of autonomous flight modes such as camera point of interest, orientation mode and follow me.


  • Ready to Fly Splash Drone AUTO
  • Waterproof Gimbal system with GoPro casing
  • Payload Release mechanism
  • 4 Carbon fiber propellers
  • 2.4 GHz 8 Channel Remote controller
  • 7 inch monitor – 5.8 GHz Diversity
  • Battery for flight
  • Charger for the battery
  • Internal 5.8 GHz video transmitter
  • Aluminum travel case

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