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Specs and Review of the Autel X-Star Premium Drone

You Pass, We Pay

Get a $150 rebate for flying with Autel Robotics and passing the Part 107 commercial drone pilot knowledge test. You will need to:

  1. Purchase X-Star Premium or X-Star before November 30, 2016
  2. Take & pass the FAA’s Remote Pilot Knowledge Test for sUAS
  3. Complete submission form 
  4. Receive $150 American Express gift card by mail



Product Description

The mind-boggling X-Star Premium Camera drone is an innovation of Autel Robotics introducing ready-to-use, easy flying quad copters in cheerful and bright orange color with sleek, black propellers. The latest of its creations is designed for incredible aerial imagery. The features provided are a 4K camera, 1.2 miles HD Live View and a hard case for easy transport.

Highlights are that the quad copter is installed with a stay safe feature and perfect positioning, using dual satellite navigation and an exclusive Starpoint Positioning System. The X-Star Premium drone comes in upgraded features with easy-to-fly functions that enable beginners to venture into drone flying effortlessly. New features are introduced in the control device like the pause button, the start and stop button makes it easy for the first-timers.

The professional drone pilots enjoy the updated version of technology where there are modes to configure and experiment. The beginners find it safe to operate with the safety modes that help them to stop and reset the drone operations making them better players every time. This model can be used for professional and recreational purposes though the target audience is more on the filming and photography industry as the 4K camera has the powerful imaging capability for precision photography. 

Amazing Camera

X Star Premium Amazing CameraPrecision photography and video images are captured with the state-of-the-art technology at work and play! The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is created to produce High definition images with the 4K Ultra HD camera equipped with a 108-degree FOV. The picture quality is way ahead of some of the other drones in the market with vivid color, superb clarity, and the wide angle perspective features.

High performance 4 K Ultra HD video cameras bring alive, vivid pictures and videos that are so precise and real. The video camera is equipped with various modes that add versatility to the drone operators perception and freedom of expression. The still images have an awesome 12-MP which is fitted on a 3-axis gimbal for quick release integration.

With and enhanced, removable 3-axis gimbal the flight has an uninterrupted smooth footage providing quality footage. The removable features of the camera and gimbal are well thought over by the designers as upgrading them in the future is easy.

Remote Controller for the X Star

Remote Control Device

The remote control is designed for comfort and grip while operating the flight mission. The new buttons introduced gets the drone started instantly without much ado. Perfect clicks are possible with function keys placed strategically for easy access.

The LCD display is perfect for decision making on the image choices while flying the drone for clear pictures. The expandable clamp has the flexibility to accommodate the smart phone or a tablet perfectly anchored while moving around and viewing HD videos captured during flights.

Outstanding Flying

Experts confirm the X-Star Premium Camera drone captures the most breathtaking pictures and video footage with features such as the Smart-Flight that enables ‘follow’, ‘orbit’ and ‘waypoints’. The Starpoint Positioning System estimates the height and optically determines the path position of the drone. This sophisticated feature makes the flight of the quad copter very precise even at low altitude where sometimes GPS signal is absent. The Beginner Mode creates a geo-fence that keeps your aircraft safe by restricting the range and speed of the aircraft. This feature offers a training ground for amateurs to gain confidence on their first few flights before venturing into the next level.

Starlink App Support

Starlink App for X Star DroneThe Starlink App has some features and modes that can be preset well in advance before the actual flight. The Smart Pre-flight Check takes care of the safety of the drone by running a pre-check fight, making sure everything is perfect. There are various adjustments that configure the camera settings for perfect photographs and videos. Similarly, the flight control settings can also be set up to provide the most suitable option you would prefer. The HD camera capturing live video can be viewed streaming even when the drone is a mile away performing its task.



For a 4900 mAh capacity, we have an intelligent battery with 14.8 V, rechargeable Li-Po 4s that enables up to 25 minutes of great flight time. The built-in LED indicators display the battery charge level of the drone and the battery is replaced by a simple quick-release mechanism. The self-discharging process contributes to the longevity and safety of the battery in the long term.

Quad Propellers

Easy to fit propellers are powerful and aerodynamically designed to fly high in the sky! Enhanced precision mechanism and balance to make sure you have a perfect flight with this product. Propellers are compatible to X-Star and X-Star Premium quad copters. The propellers are sized at 9.4” length with an angle of 5.5 degrees. The bundle comes with extra props with easy replacement when damaged.

MicroSD card

The package includes a 64 GB Micro SD card that has the capability of recording a whole 2 hours of 4K stunning video footage. This has been thoughtfully added for instant flying and recording experience.

Compact carrying case

The accessories include a sturdy, case that holds the drone and its accessories compactly in a secured zip case. The body of the case is tough yet has a soft texture. Transporting the drone to different geographical areas is easy and comfortable with the case intact.

Super Specifications

  • Max take-off weight: 3.52 lbs
  • Hover precision: Horizontal 6.5 ft; Vertical 3.2 ft
  • Max horizontal speed: 35 mph (16m/s)
  • Propeller size: 9.4” x 5.5”
  • Flight modes: GPS, ATTI, IOC
  • Camera operating temperature: 32F to 104F
  • Photography modes: 12 mp Single shot, Bursts, AEB, Bracketed frames, Time-lapse
  • Video modes: 4K Ultra HD plus QHD, FHD, HD and Superview settings
  • Max Field of view: 108 degrees
  • Battery type: Rechargeable Li-Po battery
  • Battery capacity: 4900 mAh
  • Battery voltage charging: 14.8 V
  • Flight time: Up to 25 minutes

Client Support

The X-Star Premium drones are supported by the manufacturer, 7-days a week. Comprehensive support and clarifications are given to customers as after-sales support to our customers, giving them the best feel and flying experience with the beautiful aircraft built for precision.

The X-Star Premium Camera drone is created for uncompromising aerial imagery for professionals and beginners. The aerial photographs of target subjects and video footage for a complete project can be taken easily with this technology enhanced product. The new feature of a detachable camera signifies that upgrades are round the corner and the MicroSD card is an added accessory that is quite a welcome effort on the part of the company.  The packing comes with a “How to start flying the drone” guide and an instruction manual that helps the operator to begin configuring the flight path and the picture modes. The drone pilot is ready to operate it right out of the packing, all one has to do is download the Starlink App and you are ready to go!

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Philippe Allaire

May 31, 2018

We picked up one of these bad boys for our videos as well, and we liked it so much we ended up making a nice review on it here: , Lemme know what you think ?

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