November 08, 2016

Solo Drone, Powered by Twin 1 GHz Computers, is the world’s first smart drone.

State-of-the-Art Features             

  • The only equipment world-class design specially made for consumers with built-in twin computers which is the brain of the drone.
  • Sophisticated drone that that is capable of non-stop wireless streaming videos from GoProdirect to any smart phone with iOS or Android.
  • Dynamic Smart Shot technology captures awesome images and video footage with ease and auto-flow.
  • Solo Gimbal ensures complete coverage with in-flight GoPro device that finds recording and camera settings maneuvered from the base by periodically starting and stopping the drone camera for beautiful footage.

Hardware Features

  • Avant-garde, spontaneous video game controller styled for better grip and comfort.
  • The Gimbal Solo is not included in the package, is sold separately. Making sure of quality on delivery with Gimbal Solo creates breathtaking HD footages, intelligent pictures with the best GoPro control and power.
  • The Solo gimbal and accessories are designed with the continuously evolving technology in mind that our design is updated to compete with future designs.
  • Promising concepts being developed to make our drones smarter with the LiDAR for an unbeatable stable indoor flight, flight rewind, a secure ballistic parachute system and much more.

Software Features

  • Exclusively featured apps for Android and iOS devices that make controls easy on the pilot
  • Unique features on safety like Pause and Safety Net enabling hassle-free flying.
  • Solo drones are designed for an instant take off mode that gets them revving in seconds.
  • Auto tracking and filming a subject enables continuous footage with Solo performing on the Follow mode.
  • Great offers of free software and features updated periodically to make Solo perform and compatible to future know-how and technologies.
  • An efficient customer support team, offering world-class solutions with exclusive phone support round the clock, 7 days a week from expert engineers. User-friendly in-app service tickets and a 30-day money back offer guaranteed.


  •    Up to 25 minutes of flight time (20 with camera and Solo Gimbal)
  •    HD live video streaming to mobile
  •    Top speed: maximum 55 mph
  •    Max altitude: 400 ft, per FAA rules
  •    Weight: 1500 g; 1800 g with Solo Gimbal and GoPro
  •    Wi-Fi range: up to half a mile, depending on environment
  •    Controller with color screen and complete live flight data
  •    Pixhawk 2 flight controller
  •    APM fully-autonomous flight control software
  •    Customizable color LEDs for orientation
  •    Solo Battery: 14.8 V LiPo (5200 mAh)
  •    Rechargeable controller battery: 2600 mAh / 7.2 Vdc; lasts 4 hours (8 hours with optional extendable battery)
  •    10x4.5” self-tightening props
  •    880 kV motors
  •    Plug and play with 3-axis Solo Gimbal from 3DR (sold separately)
  •    Works with GoPro® HERO3, 3+ Black and HERO 4 Silver and Black cameras (sold separately)

While designing the Solo our experts put their heart into it endeavoring to come up with a world-class drone that has unique and exclusive features of taking prefect pictures and videos from air giving videos creation a different perspective all together. The Solo drones are not only smart but also enables the pilot to get creative while shooting for a project giving him the freedom and focus to change and be exclusive and daring. We understand the passion of our clients on taking breathtaking images and videos with the helps f professional tools for shots that are perfect and easy to take. The user of our drone Solo need not be a professional with years of experience to operate it. A beginner or a passionate hobbyist wanting to make it big just has to buy, install and fly. Solo is simple to fly yet has sophisticated impact on the images and videos.

Solo – 3DR's first smart drone

What are the attributes that make it smart? The top-notch design with an advanced Pixhawk 2 autopilot feature and highly intuitive dual GHz computer with one mounted on the quad copter and the other intact in the controller, connecting the complete system via a dedicated Wi-Fi signal by 3 DR Link. The Solo is designed to do unimaginable feats that make it perform with all these smart-accessories.

Supportive brain science – y analogy: The computers designed for the Solo drones are compared to the brain where these computers installed in Solo is compared to the frontal cortex of the human brain, which is the vital part of our system. All powerful functions of the Solo like the Smart Shots, HD video stream transmission and a comprehensive GoPro features are constantly monitored by the advanced computers. Here the drone’s nerve center is the autopilot system that acts like the brain stem of our Solo! The designing of Solo is done in such a way that functions are operated independently, thereby mechanical failures in flight is unlikely giving super capabilities and opportunities to our clients.

Solo – Advanced attributes and performance

Our innovations of building an intelligent drone are suited for professionals and beginners getting the feel of great shits right from day one. The simplicity of operating the copter and the advanced features it carries around for a full fledged performance of satisfying a professional with precision shots and awesome cinematography at its best. The live stream HD video streaming coupled with Smart Shots makes it one of the first drone ever made capable of giving exactly what inputs the pilot dreams of materializing with awesome apps and software to support.

Smart Shots Moments

Cablecams: A predetermined flight path is set by the pilot between two virtual cable points in space. One the flight path is set, the operator can completely focus on positioning the camera by tilting or pan freely on a decided path. All it takes is a tap on Play button and the rest is taken care off with perfection.

Orbit: The wrap-around shot captures the subject of interest by automatically circling around the target at a chosen radius and altitude giving a mind blowing perspective of the aerial shot with clear, perfect images.

Selfie: An awesome aerial selfie for the drone pilot with the camera focused on where he is based. The camera, once on the selfie mode will zoom away higher and come back for closer footage where it started. This enables the pilot to take a coordinated and superb footage of him with precision.

Follow me mode: Have your drone follow you wherever you go. A hands-free coverage that can make your drone watches every step you take!

Added cool features

A brand new ergonomic controller designed especially for aerial photography footage. Easy to use designed controller is light and fits in perfectly into your palms for a cool grip. No more heavy and big controller remotes that is difficult to carry around. The Pause button can give you an instant break on Solo-flying with the drone hovering in mid air waiting to get back in action!

You get to choose between live stream view from the drone camera and a satellite view of your shot by controlling your GoPro controller. The all-featured app for iOS and Android can efficiently monitor and change the way the controller wishes to commands.

For a stabilized video recording one has to add a Solo Gimbal, allowing full access to GoPro controls. Other features such as HD video in the mobile device and an even power to GoPro while flying are a bonus.

Adding and swapping accessories whenever needed making customized flight paths for enhanced performance by integrating new technology and features as and when they are introduced in the market. This way our Solo is built for constantly evolving and taking new avatars making it the most wanted drone on the earth.

Updating new technologies for new flight modes, features to accessories on priority, access to third-party accessories, new gimbals and accessories.

Have you ever flown a drone?

Every individual should try flying one, irrespective of him being a professional or amateur. The powerful and smooth satellite enhanced flight path makes Solo’s position accurate while flying. A simple one-button flight controls the take off, landing and return home that is done automatically. The new Solo game controller look-alike has users experimenting different commands comfortably. There is always a Pause button for emergencies when you panic and have no idea what to do next. Building a smart drone which is safe is our team’s key feature.

Flying with a GoPro

Solo is designed to accommodate a GoPro for a unique flying experience. GoPro has given our clients the best aerial image footage experience ever possible. The advanced gimbal for Solo has totally unique features to house the GoPro controls for a direct in-flight access. The copter pilot needs to just click on the buttons for a dedicated drone and camera responding with accuracy and perfection in capturing images. Solo is the only drone in the world market to facilitate plug-and-play for live streaming videos in High Definition from our GoPro to the mobile device. It comes with The Frame from GoPro device that can be installed with vibration isolation, allowing a smooth uninterrupted flow of HD video stream right that instant.

Worried about flyaways or losing your copter?

Solos are for keeps and losing it is a huge loss to the owner. Our design team has always created drones that would return back with Failsafe or Return to Home options automatically bringing it to base. There are some Solo owners who may experience a crash or failure of system of their quad copter which has a computer to continuously monitor its activities. A crash or connection lost of the Solo automatically generates a service ticket. The system malfunction log explains the defect or malfunction caused for the damage of the copter or the loss of damage. A dreaded flyaway instance replaces the copter and gimbal by the company and an easy credit is given for a GoPro too!

Our product services mentioned is also completely backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and we take our products and our clientele very seriously.


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