November 08, 2016


Purpose built for Ultra High Definition imagery from above, the Typhoon-H drone is equipped with a 3-Axis CGO3+ gimbal camera that can capture 4K content with utmost stability. The camera can make a complete 360-degree rotation while in motion. The high quality glass along with the wide angle lens provides 115-degree field of view and can be manually controlled in flight. Capturing the world from above in 4K Ultra HD resolution in 30fps, it overwhelms you with details far greater than you could ever see with your naked eyes. It has the ability to record Full HD videos in a staggering 120fps and if you like what you see and want to take a snapshot of it, the built-in 12 Megapixel camera captures a still shot in vivid quality with pristine details.


The Android powered ST16 Ground Station features a gorgeous 7-inch HD screen with the built-in digital video downlink that lets you see live footage from the drone in 720p HD resolution and enables you to control the drone through various flight modes up to a distance of 1.6 km or a mile. The unique Team Mode enables you to pair two ground stations, one to the drone and the other to the camera for a truly unique experience of piloting the drone and capturing aerial imagery as a team.


There are 6 different autonomous flight modes in the Typhoon-H which enables the user to capture beautiful videos in a whole new way.

  1. ORBIT ME is one such flight mode where in Typhoon-H follows a circular path around you keeping the camera focused on you the whole time.
  2. Point of Interest is where you can select a subject and then Typhoon-H will orbit that subject autonomously.
  3. Journey is when Typhoon-H will quickly fly up to an altitude of 150ft and captures a perfect aerial selfie.
  4. Curve Cable Cam is a mode where the camera position can be independently controlled once you select an invisible route for Typhoon-H to fly between two set co-ordinates.
  5. Follow Me / Watch Me is a mode where Typhoon-H is programmed to follow you. With the camera targeted on you, it follows you wherever you may go.
  6. Dynamic Return to Home is an intelligent mode where Typhoon-H will fly back and land just short of 26 feet (8 meters) in front of you, once the home button is clicked.


Ready to fly out of the box, it features the Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance, letting you fly the drone as long as you possibly can without any accidents during flight. The intelligent sonar sensors in the front stop the Typhoon H if it recognizes obstacles in its flight path.


Like a true high flier, it features retractable landing gear that gives it more stealth during flight and enables one to use the 360-degree camera to its fullest potential without obstructing the stunning view from above.


The 6 arms of the Typhoon-H can easily fold down for a compact form and is then convenient to be carried around.


The Typhoon-H is powered by 6 high speed rotors which are easy to fix with just a single twist and lock mechanism. The intelligent command center makes sure that the drone stays safe at any safe altitude even if a rotor were to fail, making it not only safer but easy to pilot back to the ground with the required footage.

You can also avail the Typhoon-H backpack which is sold separately and is not only lightweight and durable but also impact resistant making sure that the drone stays safe while being transported to any location.

Should you run into any problems, our professional teams of expert pilots are always available in a single toll free call making sure that you are back in action as soon as possible.


Sold separately, the impact-resistant and highly durable Typhoon-H backpack features an ergonomic design that is a perfect companion while travelling. The insides of the backpack is lined with ultra-light protective material that makes the backpack robust and provides a cushioned box  that can be used to easily transport the Typhoon-H over rugged terrain. The ABS material used on the outside provides a strong layer of impact resistance and protects the contents within from the harsh environment that it might be subjected to.

The Typhoon-H with an affordable consumer price is a perfect companion to a professional photographer or a videographer who can fascinate the viewers into a marvelous world of stunning 4K imagery.

TYPHOON-H Specifications

Max flight duration               : 25 minutes

Battery                                        :  4s 14.8V Lithium Polymer

Charger                                      : Sc4000-4

Transmitter                             : ST16 Ground Station with 7 inch HD screen

Maximum Flight Altitude : 400 ft (122m) agl

Maximum Rotation Rate : 85° /s

Maximum Roll Angle        : 35°

Maximum Rate of Climb  : 16 ft/s (5 m/s)

Maximum Speed                  : 22mph (10 m/s)

Dimensions                            : 20.5” x 18” x 11.6” (520mm x 457mm x 294mm)

Dimensions (folded)         : 13.8” x 10.6” x 10” (350mm x 269mm x 254mm)

Airframe weight                  : 3.4 lbs (1530g)

Camera weight                    :  .55 lbs (250g)

Takeoff weight                    : 4 lbs (1800g)

Effective pixels                   : 12.4 Megapixels

Camera lens                         : 14mm/f2.8

Field of View                       : 115°

Electronic Shutter              : 1/30 – 1/8000

Video Transmission range: 1 mile (1.6km)

Video Resolution                : 4K UHD @ 30 fps, Full HD @ 120fps.

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