November 08, 2016

The Phantom 4, it’s the first consumer unit that can see the world around it and adjust accordingly, the next big step towards a truly autonomous aircraft.” — The Verge , March 1, 2016

Smarter, leaner, faster, stronger? That's the promise with DJI's Phantom 4 ” — Engadget , March 1, 2016

This quadcopter can do something other drones can’t: keep you and me from being idiot pilots.” — The Wall Street Journal , March 1, 2016

The elegant, white, DJI Phantom 4 is sleeker, sturdier and has added features of autonomous flying that lack in its competitors. Its unique features of quality images and maneuverability can be accessed with ant ground station control of your choice. Smart phones or laptops give the drone pilot to operate the controls with ease. 

Exclusive features like the TapFly and ActiveTrack give this model better footage in performance. The reliability quotient is very high with Return to Home mode and a sensing system that ensures complete safety of the drone from crashing into objects when on an autonomous flight path.

An overview on drone buyers and their preferred brands has revealed very encouraging statistics of why the DJI Phantom 4 has become the most sought after design and model. Here are some very exclusive features of our flying machine for you understand the tech savvy design.

Double Tap to Fly

Phantom 4 DroneA simple TapFly feature where a double tap on the control screen is all you need to fly. Designed with a simple mechanism yet advanced features that make this user-friendly drone very special. Anyone can pilot it high into the sky by consulting the how-to-fly manual as it is loaded with autonomous flying features.

Obstacle Sensing System

A technology enhanced sensor system detects obstacles while flying and is programmed to avoid and maneuver through mountains and high buildings for complete safety of the drone. Even a beginner can safely fly the Phantom 4 without the hassles of crashing into obstacles. This feature is in addition to the Return to Home feature where the small UAV flies back to base safely when the battery is low or when there is trouble with the equipment.

Target Tracking

The sophisticated drone camera is programmed to visually track a particular moving subject or object on its flight mission. Once the object of interest is selected the system automatically captures pictures and videos as it moves around. Drone pilots find this Active Track feature a breakthrough when they have to photograph or shoot sportsmen on a cross country race or a car rally. Similarly, when one has to shoot a herd of deer bounding across the expansive grasslands, visual tracking is a boon.

Sport Mode

An avant-garde sport mode facilitates photo and video captured at a speed of up to 44 mph (72kmh) with complete and smooth controls system. A high-quality gimbal and efficient battery moves with the center of gravity at the core of the UAV with an enhanced torque reaction and a dependable control system. The quad copter is designed to control the movements while gliding and soaring into the air making sure the pictures and videos are precise and unbelievably real!

Extended flying experience

Top-notch energy packed system designed for a larger capacity of battery life and better purposes provides the elegant Phantom 4 an increased flight time of 25%. More battery life ensures more coverage and more images for the project. Eventually, you get a cost-effective deal for an extended flying time of 28 minutes at one shot.

Powerful Camera

Phantom 4 has an integrated camera capable of capturing 4K ultra High Definition videos at 30 frames per second. Try slow motion visuals of 1080p at 120 frames per second creating precision footage at its best. Amazing visual images shot from the drone camera completely satisfies the creative craving in you!

Active gimbal stabilization

Large gimbal technology mounted on a 3-axis and u-frame camera that stabilizes annoying jerks and sways of the drone while flying. The result is a smooth, clear footage of high-quality images.

Integrated Long Distance Transmission

DJI Phantom 4 boasts of an integrated long-range transmission from up to a 5 Km distance with an exciting Phantom 4 integrated High-definition video downlink. Get ready to explore long range precision images with ultimate picture quality.

Built-In Redundancies

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design has incorporated a dual Inertial Measurement Unit and a dual compass facility for greater reliability and performance.

Push and Release Props

The new push and release props give the user the hands-on mechanism to mount the propellers with a slight push and twist for it to lock in for extra safety while flying.

High Speed Flight Feature

The enhanced version, Phantom 4 is designed to fly at a speed of 45 mph with complete support of the satellite communication and visual positioning that the exclusive Sport Mode gets perfect images transferred and stored on every flight mission

Customized Flight Modes

Depending on the nature of images desired by the drone pilot, he gets to choose from three exclusive flight modes. Optimize your flight mission by choosing between a smooth flow footage and high speed. Again, satellite positioning with intelligent moves can be customized for grand shots making it a successful trip altogether.

DJI Phantom 4 Specifications

  • Total weight: 3.04 pounds
  • Number of Rotors: 4
  • Maximum Speed: 44 mph (72kmh)
  • Maximum Flight Time: 28 minutes
  • Operating Frequency: 2400 megahertz
  • Battery: Lithium-polymer (included)
  • AC Adapter: Included
  • Memory Card: MicroSD (included)
  • Camera: 12-Megapixels, HD, 30 fps (Built-in camera and gimbal)
  • Color category: White

Phantom 4 is very stylish and is compatible to fly both indoors and outdoors. The aerial view images enable the operator to acquire the best possible images that imagination can bring out with ultimate visionary intelligence. A professional drone pilot may secure perfect images as per the client’s requirements. On the other hand, a drone hobbyist will explore further into his creative side to come up with stunning, never before images that can be edited with background scores, et al, thereby making a complete show stopper out of our DJI Phantom 4. You got to fly it to experience it!

 DJI Phantom 4 Drone

Phantom 4 - Visionary Intelligence Elevated Imagination

Phantom 4 Object Avoidance

Phantom 4 with Intelligent Flight Support Systems

Phantom 4 - Powerful camera designed for the sky

DJI Phantom 4 with Active Camera Stabilization

DJI Phantom 4 with Flight time of 28 minutes

DJI Phantom 4 with  Integrated long range transmission up to 3.1 miles away

DJI Phantom 4 with advanced aerodynamics and stability

DJI Phantom 4 with Quick Release Propellers

DJI Phantom 4 fly up to 45 mph

DJI Phantom 4 with optimized three different flight modes

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