December 06, 2016


DJI has launched their latest and revised version of their iPhone controlled Osmo gimbal camera system. Osmo was a trendsetter with its unique nature, while the Osmo + takes it to the next level of performance. With added features and refined performance, the Osmo + is sure to enthrall you in a stable world of high quality video and amazing photographs that lets you cherish every precious moment.


When it comes to the build quality, you can expect the very best of what DJI offers with every product. There is no denying to the fact that the Osmo + boasts a refined level of build quality that is ergonomically suited for long hours of use. With smooth contours and a firm grip, it lets you easily capture the moments with ease. Featuring the advanced stabilization system that was previously introduced with the Osmo, it helps to keep the camera steady and leveled at all times. Ultimate stability is guaranteed whether it is for your first film or that gorgeous photograph with your loved ones.


When the best gets better, it opens up a whole new realm of unique possibilities. Some of the upgrades you can cherish upon is the Zenmuse X3 camera which uses a 20mm prime lens. The 3.5x optical zoom that can be surpassed with a 2x digital zoom gives it a 7x zoom range that is quite awesome for its size and form factor. The equivalent focal range is 22-77mm and the variable aperture values are from f2.8 when it is wide open to f5.2 in the maximum telephoto range. The camera can also be used to capture stunning 12 megapixel still photographs that is clear enough to be enlarged further without any blur. With unprecedented levels of stability, shooting that perfect selfie with your loved ones has become so much easier than ever before. If you like to edit your photographs, then you also have the option to capture these in Adobe DNG format that allows for a seamless post processing workflow of your clicks with the required software on your computer. Detailed panorama shots and handheld long exposure clicks are possible with the Osmo + in your hands. The mobile device holder that is coupled along with the entire package lets you mount your smartphone and lets it outperform its shooting capabilities in still imagery or video.


The Osmo + is capable of capturing 4k Ultra high definition videos at 30fps and 1080p Full high definition videos at a staggering 120fps. This high frame rate can allow the user to further slow it down for some awesome slow motion footage to envelope your audience into that Wow-factor moment. Motion time-lapse recording on the Osmo + is quite simple by marking the camera movements from start to end. This lets you record gorgeous time-lapse footage without the use of any special equipment.


The powerful battery in the Osmo + can be quickly charged to start capturing your precious moments with ease. DJI claims that this high capacity intelligent battery system will allow the Osmo + to shoot for up to 100 minutes which is quite a phenomenal achievement.



Various mounts and extensions are available to be mounted on the Osmo + which can let you customize the system according to the shooting conditions. Some of the many mounts that you might find useful are the tripod mounts that can let you set the Osmo + way down or for controlling the camera further away from the main subject. The bike mount along with the extension rod lets you mount the Osmo + onto your motorcycle and take it for a ride. This opens up a new range of video shooting capabilities and allows you to record your high speed moments with unparalleled stability.

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