November 08, 2016

DJI Mavic Pro 

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Does the DJI Mavic Pro need FAA register?

Yes, the total weight of the drone with the battery is 1.62 pounds.  Any drone/UAV that weighs more than 0.55 lbs, will require FAA registration


DJI has evolved into the leading innovators in remote aerial flight technology and stabilization systems for recreational or professional use. Their drones are highly advanced yet accessible by everyone who is into aerial photography and videography. DJI’s new creation, the Mavic pro is the new kid on the block with a big performance. It is the little things that matter the most and the Mavic pro steps right in as the quintessential showstopper. Packed with brilliant features that is sure to marvel your senses and a compact body that makes it a stable performer in the skies. Dazzling aerial footage is possible with the new and improved 4K camera that is neatly housed within a protective shield in the front. It is a quadcopter with a fresh new design and a radical approach to flying drones the easier way and in the quickest way possible.


The DJI Mavic pro has been created in the simplest way possible for it to take flight within a few minutes. It can take to the skies whenever you need it. The four arms and propellers are intricately designed and swings back neatly within the main body. This makes it easy to be carried around without any hassles. The entire body is elegantly contoured to give a streamlined appearance that aids in flight stability. The matte black and silver color combination gives it a premium feel. Unlike most drones, the propellers need not be removed for storage. They can easily be folded away which makes it easy and quick to launch the Mavic pro into the skies above. The state of the art 4K camera is neatly housed inside a bubble shaped dome in the front. The curvaceous appearance keeps the dust away from the lens which gives a clear picture every time you need it. It also protects the camera system from the elements, which expands the longevity of the crucial components.  The entire craft has a robust build quality to it with high quality parts being used on every aspect. Demanding weather conditions will not deter the performance of the Mavic pro which has been intricately fabricated to perform flawlessly under challenging flight conditions. 


The Mavic pro features DJI’s new Flight Autonomy system which considerably improves the overall flight experience. This new feature is a combination of five cameras, 24 powerful computing cores, and a pair of ultrasonic range finders, GPS/GLONASS navigation systems and redundant sensors. In simple terms, the new flight autonomy system is smart enough to plan the routes, position and navigate the Mavic pro on its own. It is capable of avoiding obstacles in its environment even without the help of satellite signals, which is quite common with most other drones. This new technology is powerful enough to sense obstacles up to 49ft (15m) away. The dual sensors in the front and the remaining downward facing sensors placed on the underside of the craft constantly scans the world around and creates a 3D map of it which it uses to sense obstacles so as to avoid it and find a way around. This feature is unique with the Mavic pro and is the primary feature that sets DJI as a dominant contender in a competitive world of smart drones. While tackling its way through changing terrain conditions, the ultrasonic systems gather vital information of the world around that aids a stable flight at the same height from the main subject. This height can be set according to the shooting environments that the Mavic pro might be flying in which gives the user an unprecedented freedom over the flight. Smart flight modes such as Tapfly, Trace, Spotlight, Profile and Circle lets you concentrate on the aerial footage while the intelligent sensors constantly communicate with its various sensors to give you an unparalleled flight experience with the Mavic pro.


A sturdy flight control system is crucial component for any high performance drone. The IMU and compass are the most important ones and that is why the Mavic pro comes standard with a dual set of those important components. If any one of the sensors might fail in operation, the second one takes over and brings the Mavic back home safely. The Mavic pro is smart enough to perform a pre-flight check on its own, using its various sensors. It will begin its flight only when the various components like the motors, propellers and a sufficiently charged battery are detected in perfect condition. This eliminates the possibility of a crash or less flying time at any given location.


Aerial footage from the Mavic pro is excellent on all levels of digital imaging. The 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor which is predominantly found in most professional cameras, finds its way into the smart camera system of the Mavic pro. Intelligent DJI core technology is found within this 4K camera system that can capture visually stunning aerial footage. A larger sensor helps capture more image data in the quickest time possible. The integrated lens is optimized with the camera system and has an equivalent focal length of 28mm. This allows for smooth videos with 4K Ultra High definition at 30fps, 1080p Full High definition at 96fps and pristine 12 megapixel still images that is a visual feast with vivid colors and brilliant details. Technical geeks will further slow-down the Full high definition videos by using essential third party editing software to enjoy slow motion videos of the world around. The 12 megapixel still photographs have the option of being captured in Adobe DNG RAW format which gives you the ultimate editing power to turn any click into a work of art for your gallery.


Stabilization for the aerial footage is imperative just as the professional camera that is required to record these images and videos. The Mavic pro proudly houses in the smallest 3-axis, high-precision gimbal stabilization system from DJI. Exclusively developed for the Mavic pro, this advanced stabilization system facilitates the much needed smoothness to aerial footage. To aid this feature, the 4 motors that power the Mavic pro uses brushless motors that lacks any vibration. The gimbal system is stable enough to let the pilot shoot a 2 second long exposure while the Mavic pro is in flight. This lets one capture captivating aerial imagery like no other.


Reduction in size has not sacrificed the reduction in flight times with the new Mavic pro. In fact, it is the only pocket sized drone currently available in the market that has an overall flight time of up to 27 minutes. The entire propulsion system has been fabricated with the latest technology that is capable of more than twice the flight times. It is strong enough to tackle rough winds and counteract with brute acceleration. The high-torque brushless motors can propel the Mavic pro to speeds up to 40mph (64kph) and emit very less noise in its operation. The 8.3 inch foldable propellers covers nearly half the length of the aircraft and provides agile flight maneuvers at all times. Each propeller is designed to provide utmost aerodynamic efficiency while folding down to a compact form for easy storage and lugging around. The Mavic pro is significantly lighter than most drones available in the market today and this aids in the initial acceleration and overall speeds that can easily be attained even in demanding flight conditions.


Immersive flight experience is here to stay and DJI provides the ultimate solution by creating dual 1920 x 1080 LTPS displays with a wide 85 degree angle of view in front of your eyes. This unique placement establishes a true bird’s eye look at the live video stream from the 4K camera. The built-in OcuSync remits a 1080p live video stream since the connection is established directly to the Mavic, unlike a cable or a Wi-Fi link to the controller. This direct connection helps to keep the lag to a minimum and distortion free videos at all times. The FHD video transmission system storms through the feed range of up to 4.3 miles (7km). This ultimate combination creates an immersive flight experience like no other which is sure to enthrall your visionary senses to a whole new level for longer periods of time. 


DJI has incorporated its intelligent flight battery system with the Mavic pro drone. The 11.4V LiPo 3S batteries are smart enough to calculate the battery level, working status and sends the vital information back to the main controller for a non-disruptive flight time experience. The measurements are also made available to the pilots who can then calculate their flight times accordingly. The brilliant battery management systems can extend the battery life by automatically discharging the batteries to 50%. If the flight conditions are colder, the system will proactively activate the low temperature protection that helps to control the power output according to the ambient temperature and protect the batteries.


The Mavic pro is controlled using a long range remote controller or by any smart device that is installed with the DJI application. The controller is very simple and elegantly designed. Two joysticks are able to provide the precise inputs to the Mavic pro up to a range of 4.3 miles (7km). Intelligent sensors on the Mavic pro enables it to return back home safely it were to ever lose contact with the controller. 

In conclusion, the DJI Mavic pro is the ultimate pocket sized drone available in the market today. It is smaller, smarter, faster, lighter and portable than any of its rivals. The 4K camera is sure to dazzle you with its stunning aerial footage and the 3-axis gimbal system is a revolutionary feat in terms of size and performance. Every part of Mavic pro drone screams quality and performance. So if you are an avid traveler looking for a portable aerial imagery solution, then the Mavic pro is the optimum choice for you.

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