March 09, 2017

DJI Matrice 200 Series Drone Review

Over the years, DJI has taken the drone world by storm with their latest designs and cutting edge technological superiority. The M200 is their latest creation that has been exclusively designed to cater the needs of professional work environments. The M200 comes with a lot of options to choose from. Customers can customize their aerial packages according to the work environments. It does not possess the ever so common smooth curves and edges in its appearance, rather it is poised and ready for optimum performance.


The overall design of the M200 has been kept simple. This makes it easier and quicker to be deployed in demanding work environments. The drone folds down and unfolds in just a few seconds. The 17-inch quad propellers are built for high performance even during windy situations. It has been dedicated to offer a stable flight at all times for a smoother aerial footage. The gimbal mounting plates and the arms of the aircraft stay mounted to the main body, making it easier to deploy the M200 to action within a few seconds. There are sensors mounted within the main frame of the aircraft to detect and avoid obstacles in its flight path. This enables the user to fly with confidence, regardless of the flight environments. The M200 has its own integrated camera on the nose of the aircraft to provide a first person view (FPV). The standard variant of the M200 features a downward-facing gimbal which can support a variety of removable cameras.


The M200 is all about performance. It has not been designed for visual appeal, rather a design that is practically useful for day to day operations in most professional work environments. The operational range has been increased to 7 km along with a maximum flight time of 38 minutes. Power is supplied by a dual-rechargeable battery system. These batteries have a self-heating system that can heat up the battery for better performance in sub-zero work environments. The customer gets to choose the slim TB50 batteries for better portability or the much larger variant TB55 to support a dual gimbal configuration. The larger TB55 battery can significantly improve the overall flight times as well.


The M200 is capable of intelligent flight modes such as Active track and Point of Interest. In the Active track mode, you can maintain a steady view of the moving subjects in frame while the M200 is being flown to capture more detailed data for later analysis. This has been proven to be a reliable system for keeping track of missing persons, while their positions are being relayed to the rescue team. The Point of Interest mode can help you circumnavigate your object of interest for capturing a detailed set of information. This enables the user to carry out a detailed inspection of the targeted subject with ease and high levels of accuracy.


The user can conveniently control and customize the M200 with the impeccable DJI GO 4 application. A new android application called the DJI PILOT that has been exclusively designed for enterprise users can also be used to control the M200 for a much better and precise flight experience. Dual-operator controls are also supported with the M200 making it a highly versatile tool. DJI goggles can be linked to the FPV system in the aircraft for a better piloting experience. The flight planning can be configured using the DJI GS Pro application. The transmission on the M200 is done by using DJI’s state of the art Lightbridge transmission system. This system has been perfected over the years and enables low-latency controls and live-feed from the aircraft with ease. DJI’s Airsense features a built-in ADS-B receiver that enhances the overall safety of the aircraft. This receiver scans the operational flight area at all times and provides the user with live information of any unmanned aerial aircrafts, if detected.


The M200 aerial platform features a single downward gimbal system that can accommodate a camera of your choice. The variety of cameras are truly awesome since each one of them can be used for a dedicated purpose to get the most accurate details all the time. Compatible third-party sensors can also be used if required.


The M200 was designed exclusively for a much larger and useful aerial-imaging solution. . Thanks to the versatility of the M200, inspections can be carried out with unparalleled details, despite the challenging work conditions. The right choice of cameras can ensure high levels of accuracy and effective deployment of resources at the right time.

Some of the many applications that the M200 can be put to use are listed below.

  • Powerline inspections
  • Search and Rescue
  • Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Solar Panel Inspections
  • Firefighting
  • Telecom Inspections
  • Construction Site Mapping
  • Off-shore Rig Inspections

The use of unmanned aerial air crafts are on the rise for demanding work environments on a regular basis. DJI has tapped in to this vast field of enterprise solutions that is sure to grow more in the coming years. With the M200, it ensures to bring back drones into traditional work environments as an effective solution to get the job done with high levels of accuracy.  This is otherwise impossible with manual inspection and is considered to be highly dangerous as well. Aerial inspections are much safer while reducing the work times significantly. The Matrice M200 offers payloads that are customizable for every situation and caters to the ever growing demands of most enterprises in our world today.

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