December 05, 2016


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The Matrice 100 is an exceptional aerial platform from DJI that is ranked as one of the technologically advanced quadcopters available in the market today. It has been designed with one aspect in mind and that is customization. Every part of the Matrice 100 has been designed to provide utmost reliability and performance. DJI has been known for their uniqueness with aerial drones and the Matrice 100 is no exception. It is definitely not a Christmas gift for your kids but to drone enthusiasts, this is the ultimate aerial platform which provides a perfect source for hacking it with various tools and components.


The additional bays present in the Matrice 100 allows the user to add various components and offers a complete customization of the payload. This unique feature lets you fly the Matrice 100 with any devices of your choice that suits your requirements and shooting situations. Some of the various components include high zoom 4K cameras, sensors, computing boards and tools for communication. The drone pilot can then fly it along the desired waypoints to get the relevant data that is designated for the job. This also provides for the completion of elaborate tasks with ease.


The Matrice 100 can easily be connected with a wide range of DJI or third-party devices. The data collected using this system can be relayed back to the ground in real-time which makes for an efficient work process. It has a dual parallel CAN ports for the connection of DJI devices which includes the Guidance sensory system. The dual parallel UART ports can allow for the connectivity of third-party components as per your shooting requirements.


The Matrice 100 has an additional battery compartment that lets you mount an extra battery for uninterrupted and prolonged flight times. This dual-battery power can also supply greater power for both the platform and the additional devices or extra components that you have attached to the main frame.


The mounting system on the Matrice 100 features a unique sliding system that lets you slide the battery or components around the main body. This lets you get the perfect center of balance which results in excellent flight capabilities once it takes to the skies above. It also allows for better maneuvering of the craft without sudden movements.


The arm angle of the 4 arms that are attached to the main body has a tilting mechanism that lets you position it accordingly to achieve higher levels of torque for brisk acceleration levels. Though it is just a 3 degree tilt angle, the resulting performance while in flight is quite significant.


DJI has gone one step above to cut down the vibrations resulting from the operational rotors while in flight mode. The Matrice 100 has been fabricated using lightweight carbon fiber material that is both robust in nature and offers utmost rigidity to the overall frame. The arms contain a soft vibration absorption material that is housed within. This eliminates any type of vibrations and keeps the critical components of the craft functioning perfectly at all times with high levels of accuracy.


The landing pads on most drones often end up with sudden jerk during touchdown. However DJI has incorporated a spring within the landing arms that absorbs sudden impacts and offers a smooth landing and take-off. It also protects the mounted components from impact that might otherwise damage it or stop it from functioning. The landing arms also feature DJI’s unique quick release mechanism to easily detach or mount the landing gear or upgrade it in the future with better replacements as technology advances.


The long-range remote controller that is specifically designed for the Matrice 100 is included with the main package. It has an operational distance of up to 3.1 miles (5kms). The battery is housed within the controller that can easily be recharged when required. The controls are fully adjustable and there are specific outputs to connect the feed to the smart phone or tablet if necessary as situational requirements.


The feature-rich mobile application, DJI GO lets you fly the Matrice 100 with ease. Developers can also fabricate their own control application for a more customized version to control the Matrice 100 as per their shooting requirements. Live view gives a drone’s eye view of the gorgeous scenes below while the screen provides a host of other flight information that aids in planning the perfect flight.


The Matrice 100 features an upgraded GPS system that features a foldable mount. This helps to track the Matrice 100’s position accurately at all times. The satellite acquisition is much quicker and holding on to a stable flight position is far more accurate than ever before. Flight planning has never been so much easier to program accordingly.


The new version of the flight controller present in the Matrice 100 helps to keep the flight stable and responsive to all flight commands. When using the DJI’s X3 camera and gimbal system the data can be transmitted via live HD view. The seamlessly integrated Lightbridge from DJI increases the overall range of flight up to 3.1 miles (5kms).


The Matrice 100 is powered by 4 upgraded versions of DJI E800 electric propulsion system. The motors are highly respected for their flawless performance and power. The motors come with brushless technology and is coupled along with individual Electronic Speed Controllers that are integrated into the main platform. This gives it a complete control when the Matrice 100 is in flight mode.


Since this is a customizable aerial platform, DJI has given the options of adding required components as per your shooting requirements. The DJI guidance system is a revolutionary sensor kit system that helps to see the flying environment and automatically recognize obstacles in the Matrice 100’s flight path. This allows for a much safer flight at all times. The X3 camera kit includes a highly stabilized 3-axis gimbal system along with a powerful 4K camera that can also shoot still photographs at 12 megapixel resolution. The addition of mounting an extra battery is a dream to many drone enthusiasts, since it allows them to fly their drones for an uninterrupted fight time of up to 40 minutes. The final component that DJI lets you upgrade is the N1 video encoder that has an integrated AVI and HDMI video input interface that supports third party camera systems. The possibilities are endless when you step into the amazing world of DJI.

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