February 10, 2017


Simplified Mission-Critical Flights

Link to DJI GS Pro App:

DJI recently unveiled their Ground Station Pro that aids in the simplification of mission-critical flights. The app is designed to function on iPads that allows users to plan or control automatic flight patterns for DJI aerial drones. It is a simple application with an easy to read interface, yet some of the most complex flight missions can be done with just a few taps. The GS Pro has been programmed to automatically take pictures at pre-set waypoints for a reliable source for precision mapping. The Virtual Fence feature increases the safety of operating the drone within a designated area. Once the required coordinates are keyed in, GS Pro will make sure to fly the drone safely within those parameters. These features are primarily useful to increase the efficiency of various industrial applications such as precision agriculture, electrical inspections, search and rescue, safety control and much more. >


Ground Station Pro has been designed to automatically generate efficient flight paths after the user has set their required flying zone area and the camera parameters. Once the required details are entered, the aerial drone that is linked to the device will follow this route throughout its mission. The image data that is captured during these programmed flights can be fed into a 3D reconstruction software to generate highly detailed 3D maps. The mission data can be saved to be used again in the future as well.


The 3D Map POI is an optional extra that is soon to be available in the future. This is used primarily to generate detailed maps of tall structures. Once the subject is chosen along with the required distance between tit and the aerial drone, GS Pro will automatically establish the required speed and time to cover the entire structure. The images are then captured through a scrutinous process which can then be exported into a 3D reconstruction software to create an accurate 3D model of the entire structure.


When you come to the desired work location, the aerial drone can be put to work effectively by setting up the desired waypoints. The parameters are not static and they can always be adjusted according to the required work area. Each waypoint can also be set to perform a unique action on the aerial drone, such as hover, record videos, take a picture, aircraft rotation, etc.


Virtual fence is a useful feature when flying near no-fly zones. The worksite can be programmed as the flight area by keying in the required parameters. This is particularly useful during manual flight times when there are no-fly zones nearby. The linked drone will automatically brake and hover when it nears the set parameters to ensure a safe and conditional flight that is totally within the rules of the FAA. The size and shape of the Virtual Fence is completely customizable as per the flight requirements. The same can be created prior to the flight or by marking the boundaries using the aircraft’s GPS coordinates. The maximum altitude and the speed of flight can also be set for a safe flight within the virtual fence.


DJI has made sure that every customer gets to enjoy the GS Pro application with their DJI drones as well. It has been designed to work with all of the Phantoms, Matrices, A3/A3Pro, Inspire series, N3 and the Zenmuse series of aerial drones by DJI.

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