May 15, 2016


Close up view of the Phantom 4Looking for DJI Phantom 4?  You are at the right place because here you will find all the answers of your questions regarding the biggest and the most buzz creating release of DJI Phantom 4. You will be amazed by the breath taking features and specs of this new revolutionary king drone


In the beginning even the word 'drone' was scaring to people. Then the time came when drones started making its place among the drone enthusiasts. People became fascinated when they first found drones that were able to hover on without any pilot. Then came the 3D Robotics that could fly on preprogrammed paths back in 2013. At that time, those were all big achievements, but there weren’t any features news worthy until the year after. Of course in older drones and versions  there were many other revolutionary features that changed the lives of people in many ways, but between 2014 and 15 a new concept ” Follow me” made big headlines.

“Follow me “and Phantom 4

This is a feature that takes GPS information to reach safely to the desired location. Many companies rushed to bring “follow me drones to market” The idea was fabulous, but execution part was the most difficult. If we fast forward all this entire journey of dream to reality then finally in 2016 we have Phantom 4 now ready to take big flight. Active Track Feature Drones are expensive and one could not afford destruction of drone after colliding with different objects like trees and buildings. The buzz creating feature of DJI Phantom 4 is “Active Track Feature.” Let’s take a close look at what this drone is actually capable of and what’s so special about this drone. Phantom 4: What Is The Connection Of Active Track With Machine Learning? This feature of DJI Phantom 4   is not just hype, it’s actually what many drone hobbyists and professionals have been looking for. This latest drone can track objects and obstacles to avoid any collision. For this purpose pattern recognition is used. Not only this, but the drone can actually return home safely by using “Smart Return Home” feature. Getting more excited? Okay let’s look at the major and prominent specs and features of Phantom 4 one by one. Don’t panic: Now your drone will not fly into a tree or your neighbor’s home

1-Active Track with Advance Optical Sensors

This strong and stout drone has one of the biggest features of the year for drone consumers and this is its ability to track obstacles on the way. This single feature has made its way ahead from the competition and predecessors. How active track works? Active track is amazingly cool, right? But how it works is explained below Optical sensors The drone features a set of optical sensors at the upfront—this helps the quadcopter to navigate easily without hitting with obstacles. The range is inside 0.7m—15m and in feet its 23ft-49ft.

2- Return Home Safety Feature

Keep on reading and your excitement level will continue rising as there are tons of features that are making this quadcopter irresistible. With the help  of “Return home safely feature”  your drone will not only avoid obstacles, but also can make its way back to you safely so you don’t have to worry if anything like skyscraper building or tall trees come during the flight. How “Return to Home.’ Feature works? This useful feature automatically uses GPS and optical sensors to return back the launch point if the drone gets out of your range. How to operate “Active Track” and “Return- to- Home” feature? You don’t have to be professional to use both the useful features of DJI Phantom 4; all you need is tap fly.

3-Tap Fly

By simply tapping on the screen you can tell what you want to track. Don’t worry if you have several things because Phantom 4 has the ability to save multiple images. In the second step it will set trajectory and position for the obstacle you want to track.  It’s like a game and you can feed as much information as you can like color, position, shape, pattern, height and other information to enjoy the safest drone flight.  In simple words your Phantom 4 is ready to go when you just press the track button.

4-With or Without GPS

An interesting noteworthy thing is that it can even work when there is no GPS signal. It only needs GPS to determine positions and locations, but active track feature can easily work indoors, provided it can see. Experts are saying that this is the sexiest drone designed by DJI.  Other features include:

5-Smartest Flying Camera

Newly designed lens can dramatically take sharp pictures. It can also shoot sharp and clear video.


It can fly up to twenty eight minutes. With the help of advanced propulsion it is capable of achieving extended flight duration i.e. 28 minutes.

7-Bigger Battery

New bigger 15.2 V battery is another prominent beauty of this latest Drone.

8-Best Flight Control and Faster Speed with Sport Mode

Phantom 4 provides its consumers with the best in class flight control. No doubt that this drone has the fastest speed so you can enjoy the thrill of maximum speed. The overall speed is enhanced by 25%, but at the same time the safer and controlled flight is also taken into consideration.  So get ready to win the race with a maximum speed of up to 44mph.

9-ENHANCED AGILITY yet Light Weight

Though in the design there is no revolutionary big change, but some modifications are worth mentioning like its outer skeleton is made of magnesium   therefore the weight is reduced, but stiffness and firmness  is  still there. The balance is improved and it’s more agile.

10-New Vision and New Shiny DRONE with Glossary Coat Body

Phantom 4 flighingIt holds on to the same basic design with little, but powerful modifications. One such change is glossy shining coat therefore your Phantom 4 will shine and make every one envious. 11-Multiple flight modes Some people prefer simplicity while others intelligent navigation, some are thrilled with speed and some prefer smooth movements. DJI Phantom 4   has multiple new flight modes to meet every one’s needs. 12-Gimbal It has integrated gimbal with 3 axis. There are also two motors added to give your camera better stability and better smooth footage. For your convenience let’s summarize the main features

  • Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
With active track and return to home safely feature, the drone will avoid any obstacle and also can return back to the original location
  • Better Picture
High resolution cameras enable it to take high quality pictures. Isn’t it amazing that it can record at 1080p, 120 fps and at 30 fps it can go up to 4k. The lens used also has the capacity to reduce fish eye distortion. For further detailed info click on specs
  • Excellent Video Quality
Optical sensors not only help in active track, but now you can also enjoy controlled high quality videos.
  • Slimmer and Sleeker Body
This is the slimmest drone ever in the history of drones. DJI themselves are happy to announce that this is the smartest drone they ever have introduced.
  • The Longest Flight Time
Enjoy the whooping extended flight to 28 minutes even 30 minutes in some cases.
  • Tap flying
Double tap on the screen. One tap will open a “Go Button” then tap again to get your drone to move to that point.
  • Sports Mode
The new drone model has sports mode for responsive control and added speed.  This drone is not only a gift for race lovers, but also a luxury for those who buy camera drones just for snapping excellent footages. To conclude with its not possible to cover all the features of Phantom 4 in one small article as there are far more added features in this visionary and the most intelligent quadcopter .  Phantom 4, a proud presentation of DJI has created the biggest buzz of industry for valid reasons. The striking features are impressive enough to catch anyone’s attention. Now if you still have one question about the price then the answer is, yes you have guessed right. The price is slightly high as compared to previous version, but don’t you think now that Phantom 4 is worth its price? Want to Buy? Visit one of the authentic and reliable sites to purchase drones here.

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