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Power Eye m43 - A Highly Proficient Cinematographic Drone

by Jason Pedersen October 04, 2016

Power Eye m43 - A Highly Proficient Cinematographic Drone

Power Eye m43 - A Highly Proficient Cinematographic Drone

PowerEye Drone

The drone industry today is moving towards higher standards in technical aspects. What catch one’s eye is both the thermal and optical cameras are in one four thirds enclosure as the name 43 says. It comes equipped with interchangeable lenses. PowerEye43 includes a counter weight on the gimbal to compensate for different lens’ weight. Multi rotors are growing up fast in drone’s world.

Delivering the ultimate in cinematographic control, PowerEye has some distinct key features like;

  • Separate FPV camera capable of Picture-In-Picture/Split Screen
  • Obstical Avoidence System
  • Radio control
  • FPV via TDM radio link with a range of 3.1 miles (FCC regulations)
  • Claimed flight time of 30 minutes
  • Gimbal with integral balancing weight & Micro Four-Thirds camera for Olympus and Panasonic lenses
  • Video Resolution Up to 4K @ 30FPS
  • Includes Panasonic 14mm F2.5 pancake lens.

 Drone  Design

Power Eye has a robust construction and can be flown in challenging environmental conditions. It has a modular construction which makes it easier to be carried around. The silent yet powerful propellers are capable of propelling this drone to great heights with ease. It can maneuver the drones with complex and precise movements.

Power Eye Camera

Power vision integrated Dual Viewing capability allows multiple users, to view video stream simultaneously from a First Person View (FPV) and a Subject Matter View (SMV). Controlling the drone by two people is possible by one person/device managing the FPV and the other managing the SMV. PowerEye is available with 2 camera options and  various effects, it gives cinematographers the edge over other drones to shoot even in poor lighting conditions. The first is its standard high-performance 4K UHD camera. Two built-in light sensors and lenses aids The PowerEye Thermal/Natural Light Switchable Camera technology.

Dual View is preferred for shooting sporting events in stadiums.  Capturing a scripted movie action sequence in a crowded area or tracking wildlife across landscapes is now made simple.

Gimbal System:

PowerEye drone comes with a 3-axis gimbal system that helps keep the camera shake to a bare minimum. Regardless of the camera movements, it produces crystal clear images.


PowerEye m43 is equipped with a high power lithium battery, a claimed flight time of 30 minutes.

Flying Height

The further you go up in the sky with the drone, the better the view gets. It is capable of a maximum flying altitude of 400 feet (legally), which is 120 meters up in the sky and a flight range of 3.1 miles (similar to the DJI Phantom 4). Since there is a constant feed of live video from the main camera, the user can easily record it

Remote Controller

The Power eye has a simplistic approach towards the ergonomics of the remote controller. The 7-inch touch screen display gives relevant information about the flight. The live HD video feed on the monitor makes it easier to record only what is required and when it is required. This helps to keep the recording time to a minimum and the post production times are reduced.

Positioning System

The unique vision positioning system keeps the PowerEye m43 in its flight path.


Use the one key touch on PowerEye App to switch between the thermal and natural light settings with ease. Cinematographers can now capture a spectrum of light not visible to eye using the Thermal/Natural Light Switchable Camera. For creative professionals, it gives the ability to give an ordinary scene a bizarre and trancelike quality. A vast majority of cinematographers never experienced thermal footage until the PowerEye.

PowerEye raises the standard of professional capabilities with video quality, control and special effects. It is a quantum leap which breaks the stereotype that drones just fly and capture from above. Game developers, wannabe film makers and certified cinematographers have never seen a product that is portable, rugged and affordable.

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Jason Pedersen
Jason Pedersen

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