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Best Drone Accessories

by Jason Pedersen March 19, 2016

Best Drone Accessories

What Are the Best Drone Accessories to Buy?

Investing in a few key drone accessories is recommended to protect your drone, especially if it’s of the more expensive variety. There are a plethora of accessories to choose from, and some are very important for maintaining your quadcopter. Let’s check a few out:

Propeller Guards

Propeller guards are designed to keep drone propellers protected in the event of a collision. They’re subsequently ideal for the drone beginner, as crashes are quite common when flying a drone the first few times. Propellers customized for specific drones, such as the DJI Phantom 3, are readily available.

GPS Tracking (Trackimo) Mount

Trackimo GPS System from DronesGPS tracking is an essential accessory should your quadcopter decide to “fly away.” Our very popular  Trackimo GPS tracking system is a great example that works great for the DJI Phantom 3. It is crafted to hold the tracker in front of the drone so the accessory doesn’t interfere with other components. It also helps maintain a streamlined look. The tracking mount comes in a variety of colors and is easy to attach.

Cases and Backpacks

Keeping your drone safe when not in use is a lot easier when you have a case. Cases come designed for specific models, such as the DJI Phantom 3 or Inspire 1, and feature hard shells, custom foam, and space for storing extra landing gear, chargers, antennas, and batteries. Backpacks offer another way to travel with your drone. High-quality options, such as those designed for the DJI Phantom 2, allow you to safely store your drone and related parts thanks to its many compartments. There’s space for extra batteries, slots for SD cards and monitors, outer pockets on the front and sides, high-quality straps for hiking, and slots for phones and keys.

Extra Batteries and Propellers

It never hurts to have extra batteries and propellers at your fingertips when operating your drone. Most drones don’t fly for that long, with 30 minutes generally being the longest flight time, so extra batteries are well worth the investment.  Our recommendations are for professionals aerial videographers or anyone that will be using your drones commercially, have a least 4 extra batteries on hand, including a car adapter charger so that you can charge your batteries on the go.  For your hobbies and intermediate flyers, having two extra batteries will insure that you have a least a good hour of flight time.  I have made the mistake of making grand plans for a day of flying and only upon arrive, I realized that I forgot my batteries or they weren't charged - DOH!!  It's well worth the investment to get extra batteries so that you can do what you love and fly your drone. Extra propellers are also of great use, particularly if crashes are a daily part of flying time. Propellers coming in a “spares” kit with extra mounts are generally the best options.  When I bought my first serious drone, which was the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, I was so excited about it, the thought of flying it high above my house and looking at my neighborhood and surrounding mountains from a point of view that I could never achieve before.  As a new drone owner, I didn't understand the limitations of the drone and my flight skills so I flew my drone in ways that I never should have and each time it required a new propeller blade of two.  I highly recommend looking at higher quality carbon fiber propellers for added strength and control but I also recommend that you master how to put your propellers on right or your end up like my busted P3 Standard .

Low Battery Checker

This accessory is especially useful to those with Lipo batteries, as it’s important to never let such batteries die because it shortens their lifespans. A low battery checker lets you know as soon as your battery is on its way out so you can charge it and save yourself problems. Many drone enthusiasts consider this accessory a must-have.

Recovery Parachute

Mars Parachute SystemRecovery parachutes are yet another excellent drone accessory to own, as they save your quadcopter in the event of a dead battery or other issue that causes it to drop rather than fly to the ground. Parachutes are generally made of ripstop nylon and are reinforced with nylon webbing to keep your drone safe and secure as it floats down.  Just last week, I was out flying my Phantom Standard, the weather was perfect and finally warm enough that I could enjoy being outside and enjoying my flight time.  I was practicing tight figure-eights, in order to practice and improve my flying skills and at some point, the rear left propeller spun it's self off and caused my baby to come down with a serious crash, right in the middle of the road.  Broke 3 propellers, destroyed the camera, and smashed up the body frame pretty bad.  Not sure if its recoverable but I do believe that if I had a Mars Parachute and a MayDay board attached and working, that my drones crash would have been less - destructive and in fact, I would probably be flying it this weekend. To keep the point of this blog short and sweet, these drones can be a ser
Jason Pedersen
Jason Pedersen

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