December 05, 2016


Aerial drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are seemingly becoming popular in their use on aggregate, quarry and mining sites. They have already proved their resourcefulness in the consumer and commercial world but aerial drones can be implemented for various other tasks apart from their usual task of clicking aerial photographs and 4K videos. Using an aerial platform also proved a significant reduction in man-hours to monitor stockpile volumes, and the much needed data for aggregate and mining sites.For many generations, the extraction of stone and gravel has proven to be a labor intensive task. Aggregate sites spread over a vast area of land that often makes it a difficult task to analyze in a considerable amount of time. They are often dangerous according to the terrain and weather conditions prevalent in that area. Quarry sites are treacherous with varied and harsh terrain while the mining sites are not a safe place for utilizing humans to scan the environment to collect data. Aerial drones can easily cruise over these obstacles and get the job done more effectively.

Drone date on volume measurements

Drone technology has skyrocketed over the recent years. Even the materials used in the construction of drones have been fabricated and improved the years to tackle some of the harshest working environments. Cutting edge research and development has led to the development of drones that are light enough to be transported to any location with ease. Precision engineering has led to the evolution of aerodynamic drones that are capable of cruising the skies above and getting the job done with minimal effort. Sophisticated cameras can capture vast areas of aggregate land with intricate precision and details that further help the analysis of the required data.

Datamapper is specifically designed for the purpose of converting aerial imagery data into georeferenced orthomosaics. A host of on-demand analysis tools are also made available to ease up the process of sharing the required data. The user can easily select the options of 2D or 3D products to automatically process the imagery and upload the data to the users account. The created data sets can be organized, tracked, viewed or managed with ease through cloud of mobile devices. The on-demand tools for analysis is a continually expanding library of professional software than can be used whenever required. These are not only cost-effective but also streamlined and provide the most accurate information with ease. Some of the many features of this amazing software are the volumetric analysis of bulk material that is stored or excavated and measuring vast distances with pin point accuracy. You can also take notes, key in your comments and collaborate with other team members for a far more effective process. Datamapper works with all types of drones which makes it a versatile tool for the field. Precision Hawk is an aerial platform that is exclusively designed to collect data and putting it to work using the various analysis tools. It features a simple design yet provides an automated process of collecting and processing aerial data.

If you are looking for result oriented performance from your business, then aerial drones are the best way to go for. Reducing risks and providing excellent data within a few minutes would ease up the entire workflow and result in higher profits every year. Consistent research and development are paving the way to better and powerful drones that provides a stable future for your business that is far more precise and effective.

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